A global family...

Galway, ‘The City of the Tribes’ is home to Bio-Medical Research.  Like most families, we have strong ties to the rest of our BMR tribe across the world. With offices and employees located in the US, France, Hong Kong, UK and Singapore, our Galway headquarters is at the heart of our business.

Galway - come for a week, stay for a lifetime…

It’s a common story for Galwegians. They came, they fell in love, they stayed. With a charming mix of cosmopolitan style and substance, Galway is one of those magical places that takes hold and doesn’t let go. From the atmospheric city streets, to the wilds of Connemara on our doorstep, Galway offers an unparallelled lifestyle.

European Capital of Culture 2020

Known as the City of Festivals, we have something to celebrate all year-round. The Galway International Arts Festival is the highlight of our festival calendar - a tribute to the rich cultural heritage of our city. Recognised in its award of European Capital of Culture for 2020, Galway is renowned for its long cultural heritage of poets, musicians and writers. Here, you’ll find an abundance of life, art and culture.


The Craic

The social life in Galway is probably the best in Ireland. Atmospheric city centre pubs with live music and great beers, Michelin-starred restaurants and quirky candlelit bistros make Galway an extraordinarily energetic social spot. One of the things you’ll find in Galway is that everything you need is nearby. Within a few minutes’ walk from the city centre, you’ll find yourself on the edge of the Atlantic breathing in the invigorating Galway sea air. Voted as ‘The Friendliest City in the World’ by NY-based Travel + Leisure Magazine in 2015, you’ll never be short of a friendly nod, or a chat with a stranger over a quiet pint.

Be at the Centre of Innovation

We might be based on the edge of Europe, but we’re at the centre of European life. Eight of the world’s top ten med-tech companies are based in Galway, making it one of the most vibrant MedTech sectors in the world. Galway is also Ireland's fastest growing city, it scooped the Top Micro European City of the Future title in 2014/2015, and it was named the Second micro European City of the future in 2016/2017.

Credit: John Breslin, NUI Galway. http://www.nuigalway.ie/medtech/

Credit: John Breslin, NUI Galway. http://www.nuigalway.ie/medtech/

We are a cosmopolitan, multicultural city of dreamers and doers. We believe in inclusivity and equality, we celebrate difference and the quirky. Move to Galway and you’ll never look back!