Career Opportunities

We’ve been on this journey for over 50 years…the next two will be our most exciting yet. Want to join us?

Passion, Creativity & Agility

We’re a team of expert engineers, scientists and designers who love a challenge. Our next challenge? To push the boundaries of wearable technology to produce our most innovative product line yet.

Unique Opportunity

Our experts are from a range of different fields -  IT, engineering, finance, HR, marketing and operations - get to see the full lifespan of the product they’re working on, from invention, to development and global sales.

BMR also offers a unique opportunity for engineers to work in the life sciences. At BMR, our team integrate with the human body from both a scientific and engineering perspective - an intriguing cross-over. Our job is to understand how the body works, then to integrate the most advanced technology to work in tandem with it - this is how we get continually clinically-proven outstanding results.

A Happy Team

We value work/life balance, and believe in personal development for all our team. We want every member of our team to be healthy and happy, and so we offer yoga and table tennis at lunchtime. We make sure our kitchens are always stocked with healthy snacks, and we have a pretty robust social life.

Imagination, Initiative, Entrepreneurship

We’re ambitious, and are continually looking to innovate. We channel our vitality and drive to providing ground-breaking technology by encouraging imagination, initiative and entrepreneurship. Are you ready to be challenged? 

Autonomy & Reward

We support our staff and believe in giving everyone autonomy in their expertise. We encourage, recognise and reward achievement. We identify ambitious goals and milestones to ensure clarity of purpose, regularly measuring our progress and performance against realistic key performance indicators, to ensure success.

Recent Graduate?

We understand that, as a graduate, what you need most right now is guidance, a supportive environment, and some inspiration and excitement (and a salary!). We have that in abundance, and, along with the broad training you get from working in a small multinational, BMR will help you to start your career on the right foot.